The Company

BUK-Auto was established in 2003, but the owners of the company are engaged in car business since the 90-s of past century.

So, for about 30 years we sell cars to parallel-importers and traders on different markets worldwide. From former Soviet Union countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan to traders inside the EU and in the Middle East, dealers on the Balkans to parallel-import companies in China and countries of South-East Asia. During these 30 years we have always been able to understand the demands of each specific market and find the right for each market vehicles for correct prices.

We also sell to Help-And-Aid and Development Organizations and companies in mining and construction industries. We have the experience that allows us to understand exactly the needs of each specific project the vehicles are required for. We have enough connections in the car business to get the needed cars and we have the knowledge to arrange the delivery in any part of the globe in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Many times throughout the years we were finding solutions for distressed stocks and were assisting their owners (manufacturers, distributors, dealers) to get rid of them.

Finally, recent addition to our portfolio is the trucks: MAN, Iveco, Hino and Mitsubishi. Other brands are handled case by case. All our trucks are supplied with quality super structures such as water tanker, fuel tanker, flatbed trucks, box trucks, recovery trucks, tippers, and special purpose superstructures from top quality manufacturers. We also supply spare parts for the mentioned brands of trucks.

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