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BUK-Auto - was established in 2003 by several professional car traders, who each have more than 20 years experience in the global car trading.

We have created an extensive network of suppliers and customers all over the world. We only deal with new cars and sell only to companies and individuals involved in the car business.

Since 2003 several thousand of cars were sold every year with deliveries stretching from a single unit to several hundreds. We always find the cheapest, quickest and most convenient way to deliver the ordered cars.

If you are looking for cars we will help you to find them. If you have cars in stock to sell, no matter how many, we will find customers for them. No matter where you are located: in Europe, in Asia, in America or in Africa, no matter whether you a Buyer or a Supplier - you will find a reliable partner in BUK-Auto.

We have extensive business with countries of Asia, first of all, China. But we have a lot of experience in working with other markets too: Russia and former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Balkans and the EU.